Welcome to my Sophomore English site. I first put this site together in 2003, when I was a full-time English teacher in Hawaii, and was involved, with a group of other teachers, in the creation of a new kind of English course, one with a very intentional focus on critical thinking. This web site was intended to be a reference page for students in my classes, for parents who might have questions, and for other teachers who might like to get some sense of how one particular teacher was going about organizing his class.

In January of 2014 I retired as a full-time teacher, but my old school has a very active summer school program, and so each year I go back to teach a six-week summer course in which rising sophomores can take the first semester of sophomore English early for credit.

The original site was hosted on the school server, but the people in charge of the IT department recently decided not to offer that service any longer. They were very helpful about downloading all of my files so that they would not be lost, so I enlisted my son’s assistance (thanks, Oren) in creating my own domain and made a small project out of rebuilding the site. You won’t find anything fancy here; the site does not have a lot of bells and whistles. It’s just a description of work that has been done by me and my students.  It’s intended to be functional and informative. At this point I suppose it mostly serves as an archive, but I’m hopeful that if you have found your way to this site there may be something here that is helpful or of interest. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or feedback: aceblush@gmail.com.

March 2019