Walk a Mile in My Shoes

Taila A.

(Three Stories)

Black Leather Boots

It's the same damn thing every morning. I awake to the sound of my idiotic stepmother banging on my bedroom door and screaming bloody-murder, "Get up you lazy ass! You're 10 minutes late and today I'm not driving you to school if you miss that bus! After school you're coming straight home! Don't even think about going anywhere, you're grounded!" She gets angry when I don't answer her, so I just lie there staring at my ceiling decorated with the heavy metal band posters until she goes away. I could feel my blood boiling in my veins as the word "grounded" replayed itself in my mind. But what's new in my life? Eventually the angry bull trudges off, leaving me once again in my own world...alone. I love the feeling of the blankets wrapped warm around me. It's probably the only time when I don't feel as if I'm the vulnerable one. Slowly I shell off my comforting cocoon and lazily get myself out of bed. It's that time to start another day of hell on earth.

I just had enough time to throw on my favorite pair of torn black bondage pants, black shirt, and black, leather shoes before I ran out of the back door to my bus stop. Of course my step-mom didn't think twice about shouting her raging criticism toward my "disgusting outfit". I personally wouldn't think twice about taking that kitchen knife she was holding and slitting her throat. But, I was almost gonna miss my bus so I decided I didn't have enough time to do just that. So, instead I pulled out my C.D. player and headphones to block out her ignorance and to help keep in my wrath. I headed slowly toward my bus stop, listening to the up-beat metal pounding in my ears. Just as I approached the stop, the bus arrived opening its doors as if to welcome me into hell. Haha, I don't know what's with me and hell, I guess we just belong together? Or that's what most people perceive it, including my family. So anyways, it's the same thing every morning on the bus too. People stare in disgust, whisper things to one another which I know happens to be the words "freak" or "loser". I'm so used to it, I barely notice them anymore. I remember how I reacted before. I basically wanted to pull out a gun a kill them all right then and there. Yea you're probably thinking that I am kinda a freak, but that's up to you to think what you want. Though I'm not gonna argue if you consider me as not one of your average teenagers, because I know that I'm not.

Finally I reached the very last seat on the bus where one of my best friends always sits. I plopped down next to her,

"Hey Jess," I say, taking off my earphones.

"Sup," she answers with her usual head-nod. Jess is a grade below me. She's supposed to be in my grade, but last year she flunked and had to stay back and repeat another year. I met her when we were in fifth grade at a stupid summer camp our parents had sent us to. It has been around five years since we met each other so I guess you can consider her my closest friend.

"Man, this morning I heard that Cradle of Filth is coming to concert next month. I'm so stoked," Jess says with a smile on her face. She hardly ever smiles, but knowing that one of your favorite bands is coming to town will brighten up anyone's day, even Jess's.

"Awesome. Hope I can go. My step-mom's being a bitch and for all I know she might conveniently plan something the same day so I won't be able to go," I said, as I rolled my eyes. Jess just nodded.

For the rest of the ride to school we didn't talk. I sat quietly, with my headphones ablaze with the anger and noise, letting it run wild throughout my troubled mind.

My school is filled with rich, brainwashed snobs, thinking that they are better then everyone else. Yes, I do know that I am I member of this pathetic school, but I know better then to treat others with no respect and always think myself higher then the other students. We are supposedly sent here because we are all ‘intelligent young men and women,' with brilliant minds ready to learn and help in the advancement of our community once we are adults. Haha, yeah right. Most of the kids I know barely get by with a C or D. No one really tries, that's for sure.

Jess and I left the bus and headed over to our hangout, a little area behind one of the buildings. It's actually kinda nice there since not much people come around to the back, so it's like our private spot. Turning the corner toward our place, we could already hear Derek and Andrew before we saw them. Andrew was playing his old acoustic guitar while Derek was practicing his singing. They were both seated underneath the Pine trees, oblivious to anything but their music, as we walked straight toward them.

"...so what do u sayyyyy? Your coffin or miiiiine..." Derek sang the last line of the song. Andrew finished the ending strums on his guitar. He looked up, spotting us and waved. He wiped his dark brown hair out of his face, revealing his beautiful, hazel eyes. There's something about Andrew that always gets to me. Not in a bad way, that's for sure, he's just someone I wouldn't mind having as a boyfriend. But, as it always turns out, he doesn't really like me ‘that way'. Haha...yeah, pretty sad. Derek, on the other hand, is already going out with Jess. It's cute, but sometimes they just rub it in my face so much that it pisses me off.

"We finally finished our last song for the band" Derek yelled over toward us.

"Hello to you too, asshole," Jess said, sarcastically. Their whole relationship is about joking around and everything. It's sick. So Derek and Jess, the happy couple, went off together, leaving me with Andrew.

"Hey Andrew," I settled myself on the cool, morning grass next to him and his guitar.

"Hey, whatsup?" He asked. But before I could say anything he interrupted, "Oh! Guess what? Our band got a gig at the local club tonight. You're gonna be there, aren't you?" He asked again, brushing away his hair once more.

"Hell yeah, I wouldn't miss it for the world," I answered, but then I remembered that my fucking evil step mom grounded me. My face fell, "Oh wait, I forgot. I'm grounded. Sorry, I can't go." I looked up into his perfect eyes and shrugged. I felt myself falling into the eternal swirl of his eyes until I was rudely interrupted by the ringing of the school bell.

"Damn, that sucks. Sorry, I gotta go to class...but I'll seeya later," Andrew said. He looked a little disappointed as he picked up his guitar. He trudged off, with his usual laziness and guitar at hand. I watched him until I saw him disappear around the corner of the building. Realizing I had class also, I picked up my own backpack and headed over toward my English class.

English is the worst class ever; especially because I have it first thing in the morning and my teacher drones on about shitty books that we're supposed to read. Haha, read...what is that? But I guess the only type of English I do enjoy is the poetry. Actually, we don't even do poetry at school, so I just write on my free time. It's easier to express myself that way then to speak it, let alone cutting it in words across my wrist.

Anyways, even though I really didn't want to go to class I decided that I had no choice but to go to English. I usually cut class or come really late and make up some excuse about traffic. But if I was late one more time, I probably would get my grade docked down a grade. And that's sucks a lot when you're already getting a D. Not to mention, my step-mom would seize this opportunity to not let me go to the Cradle of Filth concert and I could never let her do that to me!

Passing all the usual glaring looks and whispers, I entered the classroom and headed straight toward the last chair in the very last row. The least I could do was keep my distance and just observe...(with my eyes closed).

"Good morning students," Mr. Burns said, taking a long gulp of coffee. "I have your papers to return and I must say Michelle did an excellent job on her report," he said smiling at a homely girl in the corner with braces. She looked pleased, but a little too smug. I hate when people flaunt things. It makes me wanna wipe that smile off their face with my fist.

"As for some of the others, we have a few things to work on," he added, looking right at me. I pretended I didn't see and casually turned my head to face the window. When Mr. Burns finally handed back my report, a whopping one and a half pages (two point five spacing), he just shook his head and asked to see me after class. Oh well, I looked at the score and thought, another D...what can I say? I was tired and not in the mood to write some English paper.

For the rest of the class I suffered listening to Mr. Burns drone on and on about some book while Michelle added her two cents every other sentence. How the hell do people stay awake in this class?! After the monotone speeches ceased, the bell rung as the entire class exited quickly, leaving me in their dust.

"You wanted to see me?" I asked, slowly approaching Mr. Burn's desk.

"Ah yes, we need to talk," he said, not even looking up. "Your grades are slipping again and I want to try to get them raised before the semester ends in 3 weeks. It is very do-able if you are willing to work hard for that allotted time," he laced his fingers across the set of homework laid out upon his desk. I just stared.

"Well? Are you going to try your hardest to make up the..." he paused to look through his student grade book, "...the 5 assignments you have failed to turn in?" Mr. Burns raised his eyebrows, staring straight into my sunken, empty eyes.

Finally I replied, "Look, Mr. B, why can't you see I do try my hardest? Just because I don't have a knack in English and I never get any good grades doesn't mean I don't work my ass...err...butt off," Yea, I have great language, I know.

"Well, if you truly feel that way, then I guess there is no point in trying to redo that D paper I just handed back?" He said, his eyes returning back to his homework pile.

"Guess not," I answered, walking toward the classroom door.

"You are excused then," Mr. Burns said, not noticing I had already planned to leave. I didn't say anything, but on the way I out, I made it a point to let the door slam, in order to show Mr. Burns I didn't give a damn on whatever he thought about me.

I headed back toward my hangout even though I had Science next. I mean, who wants to do some lab on a Friday? So I just decided not to go at all. In fact, I didn't think I would go to any other classes for the rest of the day. I wasn't in the mood. I give up. Anyways, as I was on my way I passed the little tree in the middle of the courtyard where I saw the school preps. Of course, eyeliner eyes stared; lip gloss lips mouthed the words 'freak' while long, painted fingernails pointed. This time, instead of ignoring their unsubtle insults, I stuck out a vulgar hand motion which caused all the pathetic preps to gasp and turn bright red, the color of their falsely powdered face. I smiled coldly and turned away shaking my head.

I strolled along to my hangout. At least I could get some privacy there. As soon as I got there, I threw down my backpack and sprawled out across the prickly lawn. Today was a nice day, I guess, even though I was in such a shitty mood and all alone. I counted the clouds like a care-free child, which I am no longer. The cool, winter morning breeze caressed my face, easing my loneliness inside. Most people just see me as some odd freak, but really, it's just a front. I can admit that. Sometimes it's hard to speak on how I truly feel and only some people will listen, like Jess. Even then, Jess has Derek to talk to, which leaves me as the third wheel, once again. My family won't even listen to what I have to say. They isolate me just as much as the other people in my school do. It makes me sick just to think I can't even depend on my own family, because me dad's a drunk so he can't defend me when my step-mom goes out of control at me. No one cares about me, so why should I care about anything? I guess that's why I don't do well in school, and never care about it since I'm not motivated by anyone. The only real way I get my anger out is by music. I slid my headphones over my head, trying to wash my brain clean of the hurt and pain. I closed my eyes, hoping that I could just fall asleep...forever.

Foot-Stained Sandals

I have two major exams today for pre-calculus and physics. That's what you get when you're in classes that are advanced. I'm only a sophomore but the rest of my classmates in math and science are seniors. I removed my glasses and rubbed my sore eyes. I've been studying all night since I have the major tests today. I usually never sleep an hour on any testing days. I took a quick glance at the clock, the time blurred by my cloudy eyes. It was already 7:30, Friday morning. I lazily left my comfy desk chair, and got dressed for school. It's pretty sad; I've had the same clothes since 7th grade. It's the YMCA camp shirt with the holes under the arms and my purple pants. Not to mention, my sandals with the foot-stains on them. I guess I'm embarrassed about it, but it's hard to get new clothes when you have a single mom that doesn't get paid much for her job. I try not to ask for too much because she's done so much for me throughout my life. The only way I can basically 'pay her back' is to work hard in my studies and get good grades. I want her to be proud of me, and I hope she is already.

My mom works early in the morning till late at night, so I have to walk to school everyday. Speaking of that, I was running a little late because of the studying. I gathered up all my textbooks and binders, stuffing them into my torn book bag and rushed out of my apartment. It was pretty cold outside. I shivered as the cool, morning breeze passed through the holes in my shirt. As I passed through the familiar route to school, I went over all Newton's Law of Motion in my head for the Physics test. I got them all right on the first try, so I guess I shouldn't be too worried about the test, but of course I have to re-read the chapter again, just in case I missed something. I was pretty thankful since I had an hour break before my tests so I could study some more. I had just pulled out my math note cards and started studying the formulas when I walked smack dab into this guy from my school.

"Hey! Freak! Watch where you're walking!" he shouted, knocking me to the ground, my glasses askew. My note cards were scattered across the ground and I tried to gather them as quick as possible before they blew away. The guy just stood there, laughing along with his friends. He bent down and took a hold of my shirt collar.

"Listen, you little weirdo, next time you watch where the hell you're going or those glasses on your face will be under my foot," he said, roughly releasing his grip on my t-shirt.

"S-s-sorry," I stuttered, tears welling up in my eyes. I finished picking up my scattered cards and picked up my pace as I quickly walked to school. No more studying and walking at the same time anymore. Tears had spattered against my glasses. I had to stop feeling so sorry for myself. People who were mean didn't deserve to feel as if they had conquered over me. But why does it seem like they only pick on me? I haven't done anything to them, or not that I know of. It's kind of hard for me to say it, but I don't really have any friends to confide in either. I just like to think of school as not a social event, but somewhere to learn, and only learn. I keep quite in all of my classes and don't bother with 'friends' that would distract me from my studies.

The bell had just rung by the time I had gotten to school. I was pretty happy I didn't have class first thing in the morning but I still needed to ask my English teacher about extra credit. I walked over to the teacher's offices in Building C. It really is funny, I walk into the building almost everyday, so teachers all know who I am and they wave hi to me even though they've never been my teacher before. They're really nice people. I have more teacher friends then I do students! Anyways, I said my normal good mornings to the teachers and headed to my English teachers room.

"Good morning, Mrs. Kay," I said, stepping into the familiar office.

"Hello! Nice to see you again this morning!" she said with a smile. Mrs. Kay beckoned for me to have a seat. "What can I do for you?"

"Oh, I just wanted to talk to you about the extra credit," I said, taking a seat.

Mrs. Kay laughed, "Extra credit? You're the last person that needs it!" She scooped up her grade book and began looking through it. Mrs. Kay rolled her finger down the list and at last came to my name, "Ah, see? 98.7%, which is already an A! There's no point in doing extra credit, because you're still going to receive an A," Mrs. Kay smiled again, closed her grade book and placed it back on her desk.

"Well," I said, blushing just a little, "I was just going to do it on the safe side, you know, in case I didn't turn in an assignment."

Mrs. Kay just started laughing again, "Dear, you are a great student. I don't ever think there was a time when your assignments were late or done without any care." She smiled and said, "So basically, extra credit is just an unnecessary task." We chatted for a while. She asked me what I was doing this weekend and whatnot. Finally I had to leave for me next class.

"Thanks Mrs. Kay, but I have to go to class now," I glanced at my watch, "I'll see you on Monday since I don't have class today. Have a good weekend," I waved as I walked out of her room. I couldn't help feeling a little pleased with myself when Mrs. Kay complimented me on my school work. I mean, not to sound cocky, but a lot of teachers say I do a good job so when they do tell me, I feel very accomplished.

I left Building C and stepped out into the bustling campus with students rushing here and there to their classes. I had to go to the hardest class of the day: Physical Education. It's weird, that's the only class I'm having trouble in, especially when we go swimming since I can't swim with my glasses on. Good thing we weren't doing that today. I headed over to the locker room to get dressed. On my way in, I heard the normal chitter chattering of the preppy and perfect girls in my P.E. class. They're always standing at the sinks by the bathroom, combing their shiny, golden hair and adjusting the baggy P.E. clothes to fit their petite bodies. I guess I've tried to talk to them, but they just turn up their pointy noses and ignore me. Today they glanced at me, took one look at my clothes and started laughing. I kept walking and didn't make a big deal about that. I mean, they could afford expensive, name brand clothes and I couldn't, so no big deal. We were just different people. Anyways, I got to my P.E. locker and quickly got dress into the uniforms and put on my old, tennis shoes. As I walked up to the track, our meeting place, I wondered what in the world they would have us to today.

"Good morning class," Mr. Robinson, my P.E. director said, "For today's workout I want you to run a mile." With that said, I felt my insides begin to twist and turn. Personally, the worst thing a P.E. teacher can ask of me is to run. I'm horrible at it. But, with much reluctance, I headed over to the starting line.

"all right, each time you finish a lap, you will get your time," Mr. Robinson said as he raised up his stop-clock, "Now remember, try your hardest and push yourselves." Push myself? I thought, of course I'll push myself, but even when I do I still get a fifteen minute mile! As I was eternally dreading the thought of running, I heard Mr. Robinson shout out "Go!" so I began my torturous mile.

The first lap is was not that bad, but by the time I had finished it (3 minutes), I could feel that familiar muscle pain, tightening up every step I took. I kept my concentration, trying to listen to the pattern of breaths I took as I painfully finished my second lap. It seemed as if the whole class had lapped me twice, including the preps, who were not only enjoying the run, but doing a good job too. A lot of the fast runners were finishing their fourth lap just when I was starting my third. I couldn't take it anymore. I had to stop. I promise, I really did try my hardest! Sadly, I walked the rest of the lap and then finally realized I was the last person left on the track. I jogged my final, fourth lap and gave it my all. I ended with a 14 minute mile. Our P.E. teacher excused us (thank God), and I slowly walked back to the locker room to get rid of my sweaty P.E. clothes so I could get a full hour of studying in before my exams.

As soon as I finished changing in the locker room, I headed straight toward the library. There was no time to waste since I had the two tests in a row after this hour break. I try and use my time wisely, since I didn't really have much time to study this morning. I entered the library and felt the cool air conditioning wash over my body. I said my usual good mornings to the librarians and found my way to the same desk I always study at. There's nothing really more to say. I spent that hour with my books and mind open, cramming as much information as I could before the test.

Almost exactly an hour later, I found myself sitting in my Physics class with a three-paged test staring up me from my desk. I mentally calmed myself and began it. I knew I had studied well so none of the material put on the test should come as a surprise to me. I was relieved to find that the test was exactly what I had studied and whizzed through it with no problem. When I had finished it, and thoroughly checked my answers twice, I turned the test in, face-down on my teachers' desk. Wow, I thought, I'm the first one done again. Every test I take I'm usually the first one done. I don't see how it's possible. It feels as if I take forever. Anyways, since I was done early, I went to my math class and sat outside, of course, studying.

The bell finally rung and I found myself in pretty much the same predicament as I did in my Physics class, but instead, I found a pre-calculus test staring up at me. I found this test a little more difficult and it took some time for me to figure out a few problems. But sure enough, after I scanned through my mind's notes, I easily got the answers and finished once again, first. I was pretty drained from the two tests, but I've been much more stressed out before. When we took the quarter exams, I don't think I slept an hour during that whole week.

Anyways, I was pretty much done for the day, so I spent the rest of my afternoon in the library reading a book that was due on Monday for English. I took a lot of notes, of course, because knowing Mrs. Kay she has a lot of open note quizzes, so I would have to be prepared. While I was reading, I overheard a bunch of kids whispering quietly in the corner about some party they were going to tonight. I don't think I've been to a party since I was really little. With school work and all, it doesn't seem to leave me any time for social events. I thought of how my weekend looked. Not that bad really. If I could finish the book before my mom picked me up after school, we would be able to go out to have a simple dinner and when I got home I could maybe watch a little television. Then on Saturday and Sunday, all I had to do was review a little bit of my notes and study. That sounds like the weekend of my dreams; simple, but worth it

Dazzling Pink Slippers

He leaned in and softly kissed my lips. I lightly wove my fingers through his silky, chocolate hair. Oh my god, I thought to myself, this could so be a dream come true...until I was rudely awakened and taken back to reality by the ringing of my pretty and pink alarm clock. Of course I was disappointed, but I would never think about tossing that little beauty out of my window; I love it way to much! But you know I probably would get the opportunity to kiss Michael sometime soon since many of my friends have been talking about him having a crush on me. With that in mind, I clicked off the little clock with my matching pink fingernail and daintily got out of bed. I slipped on my pink, fluffy slippers at the bottom of my bed and hurried over to remove my nightly face mask. You know, those work really well! I haven't had a zit in over 3 months, which means many boys must have their eyes on me. While I was applying the needed daily creams, I heard I knock on my bedroom door.

"Good morning, good morning!" The family housekeeper bustled into my room before I could invite her in. "How are you today, Miss? Need anything this fine morning?" She asked with a smile on her face.

"No thank you, Amelia, the least you could do was wait until I say you can come in," I whipped around facing that obnoxiously large woman. "How many times do I have to tell you?"

"Oh, I'm sorry," she said, her smile fading from her face. "I'll try to remember that next time," Amelia looked quite abashed. Humph, I thought, suits her right if she wants to come barging in through my room.

"Actually, when you leave my room, tell my father that I want him to take me to school today because I don't feel like getting ride from Tiff today," I added with a wave of my hand. Amelia left without saying another word, just the way I like her, quiet. As soon as she was gone, I opened up my closet (a walk-in one) and had my daily what-should-I-wear-to-school dilemma. After 15 minutes of modeling and matching colors, I decided on my new Armani skirt, Guess tank top and my new Arden B. pink slippers. Today wasn't one of the days that the clothes I wore made me feel like a million dollars, 'cause sadly my whole outfit only added up to $150. After another 15 minutes in front of the mirror I was finally satisfied with myself and decided that it O.K. to go to school looking like this.

"Daddy! I'm ready to go!" I shouted over the balcony of my house's winding staircase. I hurried down the stairs, but not too fast. I didn't want to chip the bottoms of my slippers on our wooden floors.

"Good morning sweetie," my daddy greeted me at the bottom of the stairs. He gave me his big papa-bear hug. "We're taking the Mercedes today," daddy said. I love the Mercedes, and it's going to be my car pretty soon since I'm going to get my license sometime in the near future. Anyways, the Mercedes, black with black interior leather awaited me in the garage. Every time my friends come over, all they want to do is have a go in the car! I mean, if I were them, I'd wanna get in there too! It's such a lovely car.

"Daddy, do you think I could drive to school today?" I asked as my dad slid into the driver's seat.

"Well, Sweetie, I'm running a little late to work so maybe sometime later," he said taking a fast glance at his watch. Humph, I thought, crossing my arms, he never, ever lets me do anything I want. We drove the rest of the way in silence because daddy was talking to someone 'important' on his cell phone. I guess that's the way it always in my house. My dad is too busy because he's doing something for his job as a company manager. Sometimes I guess its ok, because in order to make me feel better about him not being home as often, he lets me bring some of my girlfriends over to have parties! And those are always so fun! No adult supervision!

We finally arrived at my private school, (best in the state might I add) and I was greeted by my two best friends in the whole world, Emily and Sandra.

"Hey girls!" I shouted as I left my daddy's Mercedes.

"Hey! Oh my god, where did you get that skirt? It looks great on you," Sandra asked excitedly. Emily followed close behind, but I could already tell she was jealous. But what's new?

"It's from Armani," I said turning around so they could get a good view of it. I wasn't trying to show off or anything, I mean, they complimented me on it and I was just letting them see it.

"Geez, you sure get anything you want," Emily said sarcastically.

"Haha, yeah I guess," I smiled back ignoring her sarcasm. Just then, it seemed as if the real Emily came back to her body, she started her usual morning gossip.

"Oh! Guess what I heard this morning from Jamie?" She said, grabbing a hold of my shoulders.

"What?!" Sandra and I asked in unison.

"She told me that Michael is gonna ask you out today!" Emily cried, "But shh, I wasn't supposed to tell anyone so you better pretend you never knew ok?" She looked pretty excited for me, and if I was her, I'd be excited too!

"Are you serious? Well about time! I've been hearing that rumor for a couple weeks!" I said, laughing with Emily and Sandra. Just then, the bell rang, signaling it was time to get to class. I gave my friends their usual hugs and departed to go off to P.E. I know what you're thinking, "P.E. first thing in the morning? You must be crazy," and no, I'm telling you, they actually make us do stuff this early. I hurried along to the locker rooms where I frantically got dressed into the horrid attire this school makes us wear. I mean, they can do way better then plain t-shirts and disgusting cotton shorts. The shorts are barely what I like to call 'short'. They go down to my knees and I have to roll it at least 4 times before they fit well enough! I even chopped a few inches off the bottom of the shirt so it wouldn't pass my shorts. Sometimes I wish our school would try and be just a little more fashionable and then I would be more cooperative with dressing in the clothes. Anyways, I guess P.E. isn't that bad considering we're doing weight training now and there's some cute guys in my class. And let me tell you, they're even hotter when the lift those weights!

From the time I entered the locker room and the time I came out, it had started to rain. Personally, I love the rain! But the only time I do is when I'm cozily cuddling inside my house. The other times, like today, I hate it. Especially because I was wearing my new, white tennis shoes! I delicately made my way over to the weight room, hopping over mud puddles and staying out of the way of running children. By the time I got to the weight room, I was late. But with my sad-little girl face and a very 'sincere' apology, I was able to squirm away from a demerit.

"All right missy, just don't do it again," Mr. Harper said with a sigh, "Find a partner and begin your usual lifting circuit."

"Thank you much!" I said with a dazzling grin. With that, I pranced on over some of my guy friends, Todd, Matt and Brandon, which whom are very good looking and strong.

"Hey sexy," Matt said with a grin. What a joke, he calls me sexy every day so I don't really take it serious anymore, but still yet, its pretty flattering, joke or not.

"Hi guys," I answered, "Someone wanna be my workout buddy?"

"Yeah, I'll be yours," Matt jumped to it, winking.

"Alrighty, sounds great," I said, sauntering over toward the lighter weights. I didn't want to break a sweat, because that is so, very unattractive. Plus, Matt is such a cutie, I didn't want him to think of my as some disgusting, sweaty pig. Anyways, we began our workout. He spotted me here and there with my five pound weights and I was sure to make myself look 'in need'. No, no, no. I am not an attention seeker; I just like to be noticed! After I had done several girlish push ups, we finished up and headed back to the locker room. I had to hurry and jump in the shower to get rid of that disgusting gym smell and the light 'glitter' of sweat upon my nose. Since it was Friday, I didn't have another class until 10:30 so that meant I take my time in the shower and then hang out with some of my friends at our tree. I was looking forward to the shower since I was going to use my new bathing suit from Neiman Marcus. It was $250, a nice gift from my daddy for no particular occasion. Anyways, the shower was relaxing, but I ended up having to leave because a bunch of annoying people came in and were making me agitated, so I left. While I hurriedly dressed back into my Armani skirt and guess tank, I noticed this same girl I always see sitting in the corner of my row all alone. It was quite odd, since I always wondered who in the world would ever hang out here. I mean, didn't she have friends she could see outside? I guess not, but I could never imagine feeling so alone all the time! That would be horrible, not to mention lonely. Just thinking about that made me feel depressed, so I didn't give it anymore thought as I exited the locker room. I barely made it half way out when a group of my friends, including Sandra and spotted me from our hangout and rushed over to greet me.

"Oh my god, you have to look at this sexy leather bag Steph bought yesterday from Louis Vuitton!" Rachel chirped excitedly.

"No way! You actually got your mom to buy you that?" I asked stunned, "Since when do you get something like that?"

Steph answered happily, "Yeah! I know, my mom said she would buy me that for my birthday, since you know, it's on Monday."

"Well good for you! I was gonna buy that one for myself but I decided that I could find a better one then that one," I answered. Steph just smiled. I didn't really know how I was feeling, I wasn't jealous at all because I was gonna get a bag better then hers anyways. But there she was, flaunting her new bag, showing off for sure.

Then, at the most perfect time ever, another one of my bff's (best friends forever), Kerrie, interrupted Steph, "Wow, I really like your skirt!" She said pointing to me.

"Thanks! This is the third person today to compliment me on it," I said with a smile. I was just starting to tell them the story about the drama I had to go through to get that skirt, when the bell once again interrupted me, signaling I had to get to my favorite class, Math. Well, ok, it's my favorite class only because Michael, my crush, is in it. I sit behind him and we pass note to each other through the whole class. Just thinking about that made me happy, so I got to class as quick as I could, in order to see him.

When I got to my math class, I sat down in my usual seat and waited for Michael to come. I looked around the classroom, waiting until he came. I saw the weird gothic person who always sits in the back of the class. Those people just plain, freak me out! They always wear black and these jingly, silver chains which are so unfashionable. It's like the devil in humans, I tell you. Then, unlike a devil, an angel floated into the room. Michael arrived through the door, caught my eye and smiled his gorgeous smile at me.

"All right class, let's begin," said Mrs. Walters in her usual sing-song voice, waltzing into the room. She started the daily lesson of geometry and when she had her back turned to the blackboard, Michael turned around and placed a small, folded piece of paper on top of my desk. I subtly grasped it between my beautifully manicured fingers and slowly brought it down, under the desk. I opened it and read the words: Hey, meet me after class ok? I have to talk to you. Just then it felt as if a swarm of butterflies had magically appeared inside my tummy and began fluttering about. I was so excited about this 'meeting' which was probably when he was going to ask me out, that the math class flew by so quickly. The next thing I knew was Mrs. Walters saying "Have a nice weekend!" I silently left my desk and met Michael, waiting outside in the hall way.

"Hey, Michael," I said putting on the most sexy look I had.

"Hi. Look, there's something I've been wanting to ask you for a while now," He said, staring into my eyes.

"What is it?" I asked, trying to make myself look as innocent as possible.

"Yeah, well I was wondering if you wanted to go out...you know, be my girlfriend," he asked me.

"Yes, of course. I would love that," I said. He leaned in and softly kissed my lips. I lightly wove my fingers through his silky, chocolate hair. Oh my god, I thought to myself, this could so be a dream come true. And in fact, it truly was my dream come true.