CT Journal: Write a one-page monologue in a voice clearly different than your own.

Alanna Y.

Ho man. Football was so frickin rugged today. Offense needs to get their act together. Receivers never catch the ball, the quarterback can't throw, what the hell is going on? Defense is doing good now. We got our line down now since Paopao's back. His ankle was all swollen, from the Saint Louis game man! It took three weeks for him to get back in the game. Training and rehab five days a week! Das k tho. Now we are all ready to go!

Crap. I hope that I never get seriously injured man. It would mess me up for good. My arm is hurtin like hell though from last game. I was tackling the receiver when all the linemen came crashin on me!! What the hell? So there I am smelling the nasty B.O. from the fattest slimiest 400 pounders. I practically died from the stench.

Not to mention my limbs were all tangled amongst them. Damn! It took me like 5 minutes to get up. There I am only 175 pounds with about 5 guys on me. It was m~g and painful! Mom is all frieked out now. She wants me to quit football and not come back next season. She's so scared out of her mind that I'm gonna get a concussion. I'm thinking, "Mom, I'm a man! I cannot just quit sports and be a sissy fag playing tennis!" I'm real rugged. Football is the awesomest sport in the world besides after the game (when your hurtin REAL bad). You can talk real dirty to the other team through your helmets and no one knows. Jumpin on the other team and bringin um down is what its all about. And I wouldn't wanna be the star quarterback of the team. Never. Defense is what its all about. As me and my boys say, "Kill em."

But, man, baseball's the bomb too. I don't wanna mess my arm up for next season. Coach said I was coming along last season. Shit! If my arm gets weaker and I don't get to start I will be pissed off. Not to mention screwed over. I've been the star pitcher since I was like seven years old. My family comes to every single one of my games to watch me strike guys out one after another. My dad will be so pissed if I don't start. He brags so much about me and baseball.

Wow. Its super late now. 3 in the morning!! I'm totally screwed for chem but oh well I never study anyway. I'm the king of all dumb jocks. But my coaches say if you don't get rest your bones get all tired and you get all fucked up. So gotta go. Peace out.

Danny N.

Like okay, the other day I was like walking past this one guy, and he was all staring at me right? So I was like oh my gosh, what a hottie. I turned to my friend who was walking right next to me and she totally noticed it too. I was like trippin' out the whole day. He was all I could think about for the whole next week. I like couldn't study, sleep or eat! I was all like, okay I need to take a chill pill. So the next weekend, I called up some of my friends, and did what I do best. I went shopping! I hit all the stores like twice. I saw these great shoes at Contempo that I knew I just had to have. They were bright pink and they would totally go with my new outfit I just got from Neiman Marcus. I like nearly tripped in my black high heels when I saw they were on sale! One of my friends like totally tried to buy them before I did, but I told her that I had a matching outfit so she let me have it. I can't believe that I got them on sale!

My friends and I walked around the mall once more just to check out the place for hot guys. That's when I noticed that one of my earrings were missing! Well, like actually my friend told me. I was buggin' out. I just bought those earrings and they were the only ones I had that matched the color of my eye shadow. What was I going to do? I made my friends follow me back to every store that we went to. Oh and by the way, along the way I found a great sky blue bracelet. I'm still trying to figure out how I missed it the first time we went to the store. Like, I usually never miss a great looking accessory! Anyway, I'm walking from store to store, asking all the sales people if anybody found my other earring, and who do I run into? The hot guy from last week! I was like, whoa, totally awesome! He stopped and talked to me for a while. I told him about my lost earring and how I really needed to find it because it was the only pair that matched my eye shadow. He said he'd help me find it. Oh my gosh like I couldn't believe he was actually going to take the time and look for my earring with me. Then I noticed something about him I didn't notice before. His outfit totally didn't match. I couldn't even tell what brand his shirt was. I was like totally trippin' out. Then I noticed his odor. He smelt like my brother, and my brother uses fake, cheap cologne. Eww, I was walking with a non-matching, no-brand-name clothes, cheap-cologne-wearing boy! What was I even thinking? Like, gross! I told him my friends and I had to go already, and that I would look for my earring the next day. I said bye and totally ditched him. Haha, I still can't believe I thought he was hot! Well, it wasn't all at a loss, at least I found some great shoes and a great bracelet. Like, now I just need to like find my other earring!

Margaret D.

'Y did not have sexual relations with that woman....Could you define the word sexual for me?...What do you mean by relations?" That's what I will forever be remembered as in history. No one will care what I did or where I will go. No one will quote the words that I have said when people were in dire need. No one will care what I did to make this country of freedom and excellence. All they will really care about is those three statements that I made in my final term.

Everyone wants to be remembered in history. Everyone wants to make their mark on the way that the history of the world was made. People aspire in this great nation to become model citizens. People like Martin Luther King, Jr. - who I might add was a wonderful man - aspired to make his mark on the future of this country by pioneering the steps to civil liberties. People like Sami Sosa and Mark McGuire, whose contributions to the game of baseball have inspired generations of young people to follow their dreams no matter where they may take them. People like my wife Hilary, who have tried to make this country better by contributing her time and effort to the politics of this government and have made an example of themselves as model citizens.

No one wants to be remembered as the ones that were sought to be destroyed by the world. People like Adolf Hitler, whose crucade against multi-ethinicity peoples had provoked riot and rage. People like Fidel Castro, whose insane thirst for power has overtaken their senses of what is right and what is wrong. Most unfortunately me, I will be forever in history books as the man who could not tell the truth to his country and decieved his fellow of countrymen.

I feel that no matter what we do we find ourselves in a situation in which we judge who and what we have become. We find that in judging ourselves, we also judge others. I have done so many other things that are worth noting in textbooks. I have made decisions reguarding this country, fair and equal. I have held up my end of the bargain. So then I say to you, my fellow country men, why do you judge me? When have I ever passed judgment upon you? Do not judge me by my faults, but rather judge me by what I have done right We all have mistakes, but is that any way to judge someone?