CT Journal: Imagine that Shylock and Antonio each keep a journal. Write a journal entry for Shylock in which he talks about what he thinks about Antonio. Then write an entry for Antonio in which he talks about what he thinks about Shylock. (Write the journal in your own words; you don't have to mimic the style of speech or voice.)

Dear Journal,

I hate Antonio! I hate him and his Christian "morals" and "righteousness!" I hate him for his highhanded ways! If only there were some way to bring him down from his comfortable life - I would give anything to see him suffer, wallow in his own filth, and then make his way through this cruel world with nothing but his "superior" Christian belief. If his God is so great, let him be the one to fish the drowning Antonio from the sea of penalties from his actions. He laughs at me for my profession, but now who is the one crawling to me for the very money which he has so often scorned? Never have I felt such a malice towards anyone as I feel so strongly for this sorry hypocrite. I hope it galls him to have to come to me for my filthy money, but~ maybe this friendship with Bassanio will serve me well in the end. Now I have gained leverage against him! He is bound to me through the loan which he has made for his sniveling friend. What a grand opportunity for me! Although it angers me to do business with this sad excuse for a human being, the thought of taking revenge on him and punishing him for all of his past actions brings me hope for a very bright future... How could I possibly miss such an opportunity? My honor and that of all my fellow Jewish brothers depends upon this. Cursed be this Christian! I can hardly wait for the day when I can deal this overconfident scum the harshest of punishment. I will pray for his little ships to capsize, and also for all of his goods to be swept away with the ocean's waves. The day he comes to me begging for an extension on his unpayable loan will be the sweetest I have ever known...


Dear Journal,

There is simply nothing worse in this world than a money lending Jew! However, our dear Shylock seems to have found a way to justify his distasteful profession - unbelievable! He sprouts his religious stories with their messages that have absolutely nothing at all to do with the matter at hand. He can pretend all wants, but no matter how hard he ignores it, and how he mangles the facts, he will always be nothing but a no good, dirty Jew. He hates me, I know it, but if he feels I insult him and mistreat him anymore than the next money lending Jew he is only flattering himself. I only tell the truth! It is in my good Christian faith that I warn my brothers away from the likes of him. It's too bad that I must engage in this business venture with him, but I'm confident that I will land on my feet. I can see the screws turning in his conniving little mind, and I can clearly see how it brings his petty mind joy just trying t imagine laying his soiled fingers upon my fair flesh. Too bad for him ! - my ships are due well before the loan must be paid, and then I shall gladly give him every last cent of his precious money back! It makes me very happy to imagine the grave disappointment that he will surely feel when his daydreams of carving up my pure flesh are brought to an abrupt end. Why, I'll even bet that useless excuse of a man has already picked out his weapon. You know, the world would be a much better place with out the likes of him: but wait, he's so insignificant that life would pass by without any notice of his absence! Such a fickle man he is. He tries to twist the facts around on the basis that we aren't on good terms- but who cares? This is strictly business. After we're through with all of this I certainly don't expect to become his best friend or even an acquaintance of some sort, so why does that man put up such a fuss? Not even our great God in heaven has the infinite wisdom to understand the backwards mind of that horrid Jew!


Garrett Y.


At last, the sniveling Christian has met his doom. On my life I swore that I would repay him for the taunts, and now I get my chance. How long I have waited for this moment, if only my brothers were here with me! What a thrill it would have been to tell them of my deal with the Christian... I can hardly keep still myself. One pound! ONE POUND of his no good flesh! And I know just where I'll cut when the time comes.

Alas, I know nothing of what shall become of the man Bassanio. Though he has good intention, he follows Antonio around, just leeching off of him. How can a man be so dumb as to lend more money to that fool? But what more need I say? He is a Christian. "Christian," the word sends chills through my spine. Just thinking about their customs makes me cringe. . .the meat. What savages. . . and what right do they get to make the laws and control the streets. But no longer, for I know I have already won. Antonio shall pay for his ways. Who knows, their might be hope for a conversion after the deal has finished. There may yet be hope for some of those "Christians."


Today I have sealed a bond which deeply saddens me. I know I shouldn't, but I fear for my life. Shylock had every right to write up the conditions he specified. Of course, for a good man like Bassanio, how could I refuse? But I can't help wondering about Shylock's intentions. Such as why he had such a broad grin as the final papers were sealed. I know my ships shall sail, but do I know for sure they will arrive safely? I was confident today they would arrive on time. . . but the look the Jew gave me made me have second thoughts. Too late, I came here, home, only to guess at what Shylock might do.

Jews! Knowing Shylock, he will remember every one of the taunts I threw at him so hastily. I always wondered how his devious Jewish mind ticks. What might Shylock come up with this time to prevent the payment? His being a Jew gives him the inside connections. Things a man of my stature could never get without talk going around. How will I stop him if he tries to stop my payments? Only time will tell ...