Punahou School

Critical Thinking Institute

Sample Lessons

Tim Dyke - Getting Started with Critical Thinking

Bruce Schauble - Using Interview and Dialogue to Explore Thinking

Terry Yamamoto - Biology Journals

Tibbie Lynch - Character Analysis (The Scarlet Letter)

Paula Hodges - Unraveling the Mysteries of DNA

Bruce Schauble - Thirteen Ways - A Thinking and Writing Exercise

Zevi Gutfreund - Analyzing Jefferson's Inaugural Speech

Sheryl Dare - Phase III Projects in IWL

Bruce Schauble - Structures of Thought - Highlighting Critical Thinking

Carol Lee - The QIW Strategy

Nick Bozanic - Response Papers

Tim Dyke- Final Assessment Project - Freshman English

Bob McWilliams - The Ceramic Archaelogist (Art)

Bruce Schauble - Lesson Design - The Logic of Sequencing

Terry Yamamoto - Let's Talk About Genetics (Dialogue Exercise)

Mark Hanington - Classroom Discusion (Harkness Discussion)

John Cheever - The Era Between the Wars (American Studies)

Bruce Schauble - Sophomore Independent Projects (English)

Heather Taylor - Six CT-based Lessons (Math)

Carol Lee - Reading Strategies for Making Meaning of Text

Bruce Schauble - Using Process Observation to Introduce Critical Thinking

Bruce Schauble - Literature Circles

Bruce Schauble - Reading as Writers

Shyrl Matias - Literature Based Consideration of Identity Issues Involved in Conflict

Bill Ouellette - Dialogue Exercise based on Text-Based Discussion

Alison Taite - A Hausa Tale: An Exercise in Point of View